Beat battery day this year and book your Harley in to your nearest Lind H-D store and let us get you back on the road in style. Many of us put our motorcycle into hibernation throughout winter but as the days get longer and brighter let’s get our bikes ready to enjoy optimum riding time this season.

Here are some hints and tips for bringing our bike out to say hello again.

  • Dust off the rule book – Make sure your ride is up to date with all the latest checks and MOT to ensure its road legal. The last thing you want is to set off for your first ride of 2017 and forget the MOT. Before it slips your mind, book it in with your nearest Lind H-D store with our factory trained, expert technicians to get it road legal and ready to go! 


  • Freshen up – A Harley-Davidson motorcycle service is more than just an oil change. Regular services on your ride will help to keep your Harley operating at peak performance. Bring your beast to see us and our factory trained H-D technicians to beat the rush this spring/summer. Issues can occur in motorcycles that have been stored for winter, even in the best conditions it’s still a shock for your bike.


  • New Rubber – Stay in touch with the road. Treat her to some new rubber before heading off on your first 2017 adventure. If it’s not time for new tyres just yet, make sure you carefully inspect the condition of the tyres and adjust the air pressure to the proper specifications. For information on proper tyre pressure, refer to the Owner’s Manual or Service Manual for the appropriate motorcycle model.

    Note: Tyre condition greatly affects motorcycle operation and rider/passenger safety. If you do not feel 100 percent confident in your ability to ascertain a good tyre from a bad tyre, we strongly encourage you to take your motorcycle to your nearest Lind H-D store and have them checked by us.

  • Battery Check – Have you used a Harley-Davidson battery charger or battery tender this winter to maintain the motorcycle battery? Harley-Davidson Battery Tenders or Battery Chargers incorporate a microprocessor that reads battery voltage and adjusts charging output accordingly. Do not use steady rate battery chargers because they may overcharge or undercharge the AGM battery. Again, if you’re unsure get in contact with us for a battery check to be on the safe side.   

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