Celebrating 115 Years Of Harley-Davidson®


This is a celebration of riders and riding. It’s for everyone who remembers the freedom they felt the first time they took off down the street on two wheels. And it’s for those who took it further: the generations of fathers, sons, mothers, brothers, sisters and friends who fired up their engines and followed their dreams of freedom on two wheels.

So no matter what you ride, or even if you haven’t started yet, everyone is welcome to join the celebration of Harley-Davidson’s 115th birthday. It takes place right in the middle of Europe, in the land of 115 stories – Prague, Czech Republic. The roads here are lined with natural beauty, romantic villages and towns, pulsating cities and ancient castles. And don’t forget the great bars and restaurants, outstanding cuisine, the best beer in the world and the friendly locals!

Fancy riding out to the Czech Republic on something abit bigger than your bike? Or perhaps you want to invite a friend to join who doesn't own a Harley? We've got the perfect solution for you through Lind Tours check out the special offer packages we have available for this event and contact Axel to get booked in!


What's On?

This celebration will be full of many different experiences. It will be a party you won’t forget! Explore the area amongst the fantastic atmosphere and enjoy the various highlights such as:

  • Dark Custom Arena 
  • H.O.G. Village 
  • Jeep Touring Zone
  • Expo 
  • Live Music 
  • Biker Games
  • Parade 
  • Muay Thai 
  • Stunt Show 
  • H-D Demo Truck 
  • Guided Tours 
  • Stunt Show 
  • Family Paradise 

and so much more! Attending the Harley-Davidson 115th anniversary party will be an experience like no other. You can look forward to 72 hours packed with riding, meeting friends, music and loads of other entertainment!

Tickets are available to buy today. Don't miss out!

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