Welcome to the Community

Here at Lind Harley-Davidson we believe in far more than selling bikes, although, we do like doing that! Motorcycling in general is not like any other mode of transport, it's a sport, it's a hobby, it's a passion and a lifestyle for many riders.

Whether you prefer riding solo or as part of a club like the Harley-Davidson Owners Group (H.O.G.) it's always good to get together with like-minded people at events and gatherings. The events we host here at our dealerships are not just for Harley-Davidson riders, everyone is always welcome to come and join in whether you ride a Triumph, a Honda, some sportsbike or maybe even a moped, or if you're not a biker yet and have a passion for bikes then you're welcome too! 

We fulfil dreams of personal freedom as a Harley-Davidson Dealer and with your help, we can share the enthusiasm and passion which makes us just want to get out there and ride; together we could bring more people into our motorcyling community! 

This community section of the Lind H-D website is designed not only to share the events and goings on at our stores in Guildford, Newmarket, Norwich and Reading, but to share links to local training schools, events and get-togethers and fun stuff for everyone to enjoy.

Should you be reading this and thinking, there's a few upcoming events that would be worthy of a mention, please drop Ben our Marketing Manager a call on 01638 563655 and he'll be delighted to get it published in our events calendar.