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Wed, 02 Aug 2017

Captain Fawcett's Custom Dream by Newmarket Harley-Davidson

Earlier this year Newmarket Harley-Davidson got set to work on a secret project after teaming up with Richie Finney and Linzi Mumford from Captain Fawcett in anticipation of the Barbers Ride and all with inspiration from Steampunk.

Richie Finney is the man behind the gentleman’s grooming product brand Captain Fawcett Ltd® and wanted to create a unique motorcycle that embodied him and his brand. Linzi of I.O.C Design and Fabrication, with her unique mix of bike-building and furniture restoration skills combined with a passion for steampunk culture, was able to deliver a design that did just that. And we at Newmarket Harley-Davidson brought the ideas to life.

The real showstopper on the Dark Custom® Forty-Eight is the bespoke Gladstone bag-style saddlebags, with drop down mechanism to reveal a host of Captain Fawcett products and pull out mirror, turning the Harley-Davidson into a portable grooming station.

“The idea for the bike developed over a couple of days of looking at 1930s racing cars and Victorian expedition equipment,” said Linzi Mumford when asked about her inspiration. “The bags are completely original and something that just popped into my head to combine saddlebags with a drop down display. I suppose that the old Wild West snake oil sellers’ carts were somewhere in my mind at the time.”


Linzi explained further about her design: “The brass eyelet details were gleaned from canvas tarpaulins – I work the music festival season each summer and the marquee structures often incorporate lacing through brass eyelets. I dismissed the lacing as too decorative, but decided that the eyelets give a good illusion of complexity. The other details on the bike were chosen to complement the eyelets and Gladstone bags; lots of brass.”


Although Linzi started building motorcycles at just 16 years old, beginning with a wrecked Harley-Davidson SST250, a gift from her parents, the Captain Fawcett Forty-Eight is the first project bike she has been heavily involved in since retiring from the custom bike scene in 2006.

A chance meeting with the Captain in 2015 at Frome Steampunk Extravaganza was enough to rekindle Linzi’s passion for bike-building, though, and after many months of working with Newmarket Harley-Davidson Custom King (one of the 31 Harley-Davidson UK & Ireland dealerships) the project has turned out almost exactly as she imagined it.

Exquisite paintwork by vintage Harley® specialist Beans Paints and Parts in Cambridgeshiredraws serious attention to the stunning Forty-Eight. After starting with a base coat of white paint, Beans applied an old-school swirling smoke effect that was common on motorcycle tanks in the 60s/70s – this technique is by using a naked flame and creating smoke from an acetylene torch to produce the desired smoky appearance. A clear coat was then applied, before candy gold paint and translucent dye with a final clear coat over the top to provide the finish. The side panel artwork was created using custom cut stencils of Captain Fawcett’s logo and visuals with black paint and a continuation of the eyelet style from the mudguard on to the tank.

Speaking about the finished Forty-Eight, Richie Finney said: “To be honest, it is more than I thought it would be – and I already had dreams of how good it would look. Linzi Mumford with Harley-Davidson’s experienced Custom King’s have done a tremendous feat in creating  a rolling showcase of creative design worthy of wall space in the Captain’s emporium. However, it is a Harley-Davidson and it’s meant to be ridden, which of course it will be… everywhere. That’s how much this bike appeals to me.”

Steve Colling, Harley-Davidson UK & Ireland Marketing Manager, said: “Harley-Davidson and customisation have a long, long relationship over the course of the Motor Company’s soon to be 115 years. Today’s Harley-Davidson’s are all subject to personal customisation but none more so than the Harley-Davidson Dark Custom range, as Richie Finney has discovered with the Sportster Forty-Eight.”

At Newmarket Harley-Davidson we have the tools and expertise to help you create the bike you’ve always dreamed of having. If you have an idea you want to bring to life, come in and speak to one of our custom kings and let us help you make your dream a reality.

The full image gallery for our Captain Fawcett custom ride can be viewed here.