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Fri, 05 Dec 2014

H-D Performance Riding Jeans - Customer Reviews

Here at Lind, we're very passionate about the new Harley-Davidson® Performance Riding Jeans, but we know that you probably think that we've been brainwashed by Harley into beliveing these are the best on the market... Well technically they are, but we didn't need convincing by anyone, we found out for ourselves. However, don't just take our word for it, below are a few personal customer reviews from our customers, and there's plenty more on a video which can be found on our YouTube Channel.

The new jeans provide the ultimate in protection, style and comfort, our brand new CE2-approved FXRG® performance riding jeans tick every box. Equipped with integrated, removable CE knee and hip armour, these comfortable jeans have full ROOMOTO® protection from waist to ankle and offer abrasion protection greater than current MotoGP racing gear!

The FXRG riding denim abrasion resistance lasts for up to 7.4 seconds, which is comparable to just 1.6 seconds of protection from regular Kevlar and 4.4 seconds from a Kevlar & Dyneema hybrid knit. What’s more, they look like a regular pair of jeans – so you don’t need to carry a change of clothes and take up that pannier space!


A question of comfort:

John Baker said: “We rode two days – 300 to 400 miles per day – through colder and wet weather. What is particularly great about them is the versatility and comfort – not only keep you warm in all sorts of cold weather but you can actually wear them to hang out in after a day’s ride without feeling uncomfortable. This is what we did each day – went to the bar after the ride and relaxed. I wore thin thermals underneath as well which was a nice combination.”


Fit for a king – or queen!

David Sanders said: “The FXRG jeans fit beautifully! They have a slight boot cut which makes them fit nicely over my Harley® boots, while other areas of the jeans have a very good slim fit. The day after my jeans arrived, I rode to my local rally. I found them totally warm and comfortable to the point of not remembering I was wearing them! I also spent most of the day wondering around the rally site in these jeans and I was pleased to note they didn’t feel heavy at all despite them feeling heavy in the bag.”


Other reviews: 

Roger Stern: “I find them extremely soft to the skin and a very comfortable fit, especially in the nether regions – usually an area of instant discomfort when sat in the saddle! I do find it advantageous to use the boot straps as this keeps the trouser length from riding up over your boots. I have to say that they are a damn fine fit and look exceptionally good compared to my Cargos, which are a bit loose and baggy.”


MartinDickinson: “FXRG Riding jeans. Fit: perfect. Length: perfect. Comfort: perfect. Warmth: adequate. Overall, I am extremely happy with the product.”