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Fri, 26 Sep 2014

Let's Talk Toruqe

There’s something really special which sets Harley-Davidson® apart from other brands in the motorcycle industry and that is you and the decisions you make. After a Harley® is released from the factory you take the reigns, that way you make the decisions and decide the future of your motorcycle; that includes what accessories and bling it shows off and the performance and power it delivers. After all, it’s your ride, it should be as unique as you are!

At Black Bear, we’re here every step of the way throughout your ownership and are able to assist by adapting your ride as your life and personality changes. Should you need a little more power and torque for weekend touring breaks or just because you want to out-do your pals; you don’t need to go and spend out on a new bike, although Chris, Richard or Mike in Newmarket or Keith in Norwich would be delighted too if you really insist! With a Harley-Davidson we’re able to upgrade your current bike using the stage upgrade system, making it feel all brand new again!

With four different stages, you get to choose the level that feels comfortable for you, uprating the power and torque we can take you through stages 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Stage 1 allows your bike to breathe more easily by allowing more air in and more exhaust gas out and the process releases about 10% more power and performance from your ride.

Once you’ve released more power with your Stage 1 kit, your ride is ready for you to ramp up your raw power and that pulse-pounding Harley roar with a substantial boost to your low end grunt. Each upgrade after the first sees your camshafts upgraded to different Screamin’ Eagle® Cams which are meticulously engineered to work in perfect harmony with your Big Twin.

Here is a dyno chart which gives you an indication of what our Harley-Davidson® factory trained technicians can do to increase your bikes get up and go.