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Fri, 03 Feb 2017

Lucky Laurence's first Harley!

Laurence Iain Hutton is only two-years old but already a big fan of American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson. Actually, it goes further than that – Laurence is about to become the proud owner of his very own Harley-Davidson, with a little help from his grandfather Iain Murray-Smith.

Iain Murray-Smith is an avid motorcyclist of many years and a passionate fan of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. He presently owns and rides a Harley Rocker C – just one of the many stunning custom-styled machines from the famous American brand since it opened for business in 1903, 114 years ago. His love for Harley-Davidson machinery will be instilled upon his grandson by way of a Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight, which he has bought for the two-year-old as a keepsake.

This particular Forty-Eight, though, is not a standard model from the Sportster range. It is a unique, one-off customised version by supplying dealer Reading Harley-Davidson.

Resplendent with a new paint scheme of classic “flames”, tall “Chubby Ape” handlebars, Trumpet exhaust mufflers and a lot more replacement components from the huge range of Harley-Davidson Genuine Parts & Accessories, there’s no denying “Bombshell Betty”, as the bike is known, is a real stand out machine that will ensure many admiring looks today and at the time when Laurence Iain Hutton is legally entitled to ride ‘his’ Harley-Davidson.

“Bombshell Betty” isn’t just a family memento; a heirloom to be. The bike is also Reading Harley-Davidson’s entry to a Harley-Davidson dealer-led customisation build-off competition that involves 220 dealerships across 21 countries – including 31 across the UK and Ireland – competing to be winners of “Battle of the Kings”.

Now in its third year, the competition celebrates the incredible talent ready to support customer’s custom motorcycle requirements in the Harley-Davidson dealership network and showcases the wide range of official Harley-Davidson parts and accessories available for the popular Dark Custom® range.

Talking about how “Bombshell Betty” evolved, Mike Wilson, Dealer Principal of Reading Harley-Davidson said: “Mr Iain Murray-Smith bought the BOTK Sportster Forty-Eight as a present for his two year old grandson Laurence. Iain already owns a Rocker C and has supported the Reading Harley Dealership since we opened the doors in April 2015.

“The fact Iain agreed to buy the bike before we started the build allowed us to work with Iain and incorporate personal touches that made the bike unique to Iain and a perfect platform for our entry to the Battle of the Kings competition.”

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