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Fri, 18 Jul 2014

Master Technicians

When you bring your pride and joy into our dealership for its service, repair work or to have official accessories fitted, you’ll want to know that it’s in safe hands. We understand this better than most, and through our University-level Master Technicians training programme, we can guarantee that your bike is being cared for while it’s in our hands.

The majority of careers at our dealerships require comprehensive training, and this is certainly the case for service staff. Harley-Davidson’s university-level Master Technician programme is geared to make our technicians some of the most experienced in motorcycling. The five-tier syllabus covers a mixture of practical and experienced-based topics including vehicle and chassis service, electrical diagnostics and Powertrain, and takes place at Harley-Davidson’s purpose-built European Training Academy at Bromsgrove in the West Midlands.

While other non-franchise mechanics work on a whole host of machines from cruisers to sports bikes, we’re specialists in the only one that matters to you – your own! In the unlikely event that a fault ever does occur, we’ll find it and resolve it straight away. Costing you less time, and as a result, less money…

As well as attending around three tutor-led courses at the Harley-Davidson® University each year, there are also numerous online courses that our techs take regularly. Each time a new product is launched it is mandatory that we’re trained in it. For example, we spent weeks learning how to operate on your brand new Rushmore machine – invaluable experience that after-market technicians can’t hope to compete with.

So in the unlikely event that your pride and joy is suffering, come to the experts to see that she’s put right. It’s not brain surgery – but it’s close!

For more information, speak to our highly experienced workshop team in dealership