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Mon, 10 Jul 2017

Say Yes to an S!

Everybody likes excitement in their life, that’s why we ride motorcycles. Riding Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, as we all know, places an even bigger smile on our faces. Harley-Davidson® S Series motorcycles go that one stage further by increasing the grin factor by a considerable margin…

Harley-Davidson® S Series motorcycles are renowned for their extra touch of raw power and custom style. LOW RIDER® S, SOFTAIL SLIM® S and FAT BOY® S… iconic names for iconic machines and, like all Harleys, the S Series is popular than ice on a hot summer’s day and disappearing from our stores just as quickly.

With summer in full bloom and inviting open roads to cover, now is the time to check out the S Series at our dealerships in Guildford, Newmarket, Norwich or Reading before it’s too late – S Series are going fast.