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Mon, 15 Jan 2018

Voting Live for Battle of The Kings 2018 Custom Motorcycle Competition

Battle of The Kings is the worlds largest Harley-Davidson Custom Motorcycle building competition and here at Lind we're very excited to enter three strong contenders into the 2018 round. Our custom motorbikes will go head-to-head against 12 other Harley dealers from across the UK; we'd love to see all three make it to the top 5! Once a UK winner is annouced, the winning bike will be go into battle with the winners from each country within Europe, the Middle East and Africa! So no pressure!

The competition brief was to choose from one of seven Dark Custom models, customise it with 50% or more Harley-Davidson Genuine Parts and Accessories, which when you have a parts catalogue with over 10,000 unique parts is pretty easy, oh and spend no more than £5,500!

Our Custom Kings are Michael Noble from Guildford, Keith Foster in Norwich and Richard Tegg at Reading! Their vision and creativity has become a reality and we're sure you'll agree they've produced some epic custom motorcycles for the 2018 Battle of The Kings Competition! If you're dreaming about customising your ride, take a ride to your local Lind Harley-Davidson dealership and these guys will be able to work out a plan to suit your budget and style.

We really need your help to get our bikes into the top 5, please click here to see our custom creations and vote for your favourite!