Lind Orientation Ride™ 

Lind Orientation Rides

Are you planing to go on a USA Tour and not sure about the motorcycle you want to select for the tour?

Experience in advance the authorized Harley-Davidson® rental motorcycle you plan to ride on your Orange&Black tour in USA with our 2-hour Lind Orientation Ride™. You will be able to concentrate and enjoy its handling on a variety of roads, slow twisty ones as well as faster stretches of dual carriageway, while following an experienced Tour Guide, very similar to being on a big tour. Your pillions are welcome at no extra cost.​

Your Tour Guide will answer your questions around the model you selected, and advise on its feature, if its suitable for your Tour requirements and offer advise on potential alternatives.

And the best part: Orange&Black will deduct the cost of your Lind Orientation Ride™ against your Guided Tour booking when you present them with your personal Lind “Certificate of Participation”.

In addition, the certificate will entitle you to a 10% discount on all the riding gear you may need to fully enjoy your next vacation on a Harley-Davidson®. It is redeemable at all 4 Lind Harley-Davidson dealerships in Guildford, Reading, Newmarket and Norwich. Lind Tours and Orange & Black recommend you wear your own helmet and riding gear on tour for safety and comfort, so why not talk to our H-D original merchandise advisor.

The Lind Orientation Ride™ is offered weekly from our Guildford Harley-Davidson dealership, optimal group size is up to 4 riders, for £99 per rider. There is free car parking at the H-D® dealership and complimentary coffee.