Our products evolve with us

Free investigation if the Motor Company has issued any product improvements or safety recalls on your bike.

As materials and ways of doing thing evolve, don’t think that you are getting left behind with your motorcycle. If we find a better solution we may issue a product improvement campaign. There’s nothing wrong with your bike, just that we have an improvement which can often be more reliable or more efficient.

We make every Harley-Davidson by hand and despite all the hours of prototyping, testing, iteration and development, sometimes the part doesn’t work how we expect. If this becomes a concern for your safety, The Motor Company will issue a global recall of your Motorcycle and write to you if your bike is one of those we believe is affected.

If it’s a faulty batch of components that has slipped through our quality control, the numbers of motorcycles may be as small as 50 globally, but thanks to the records that we have of what items were used to build your bike, we can track any defective parts. 

Once you have received a notification from Harley-Davidson, please contact us to schedule a time that suits you when we can inspect and change the defective part. This work will be done free of charge.

Even if you don’t let us know, we will automatically check your bike when we have it in for service so that you know it’s all up to date.