Knowledge is power

We Know

No searching of forums, no talking to a friend who knows someone who knew something about the issue…. costing you time……our technicians have direct access to Harley-Davidson.  The Motor Company staff and our technicians get to hear about and share fixes to problems often before any customer realizes that there is a problem. Our knowledge is your power. They input into a global network that gives the factory early warning if a new fault is just being seen in the workshops. In return, they get direct support from the Engineers who designed and built everything from the first prototype- so our technicians don’t have to guess- they know what the issue is and how to fix it.

Taking care of #1…that’s you!

We don’t expect you to be a factory trained technician- leave that to us! If you know that your tyres need changing, we will do that but whilst we have your bike, we will also check all the other critical components that you might not have noticed, so that we can take care of you…and your bike. Your enjoyment and safety is our paramount concern.

Adding Value

Our technicians are Harley enthusiasts too, so if whilst taking that wheel off to change the tyre, they notice that you don’t have a belt guard accessory that would look cool, please expect a call from us to ask you if you would like us to fit one whilst we have the bike on the ramp. Sometimes we can fit such items for free for you as well!

Our staff has direct access to Harley-Davidson Motor Company engineers and the Factory back in the US.

We have direct access to the Motor Company Engineers. As the number of advanced and processor instructed systems grow,  our advanced diagnostic skills are supported by the people who designed and made your motorcycle.