H-D university

We send them to Harley-Davidson’s  £4 million purpose built University training facility to keep their skills up to date.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company has invested heavily in a state of the art, custom built University here in the UK. Every year, our technicians get to work on brand new, latest model bikes, engines and electronics. The University has a full rolling road Dynamometer so that our staff can see how to tune engines to get the best running, smoothest throttle response and best out of each engine. Near enough is not good enough for you or our technicians.

By investing in sending our staff away to Harley-Davidson University, they get to strip and reassemble brand new bikes, practicing on those bikes so that they don’t have to do it on yours. That means that when they touch your bike, they KNOW what the issue is and can get immediately get to work fixing it- no scratching of head on your dime here!

Harley-Davidson® University- European Technical Training School

The Harley-Davidson University Training School is based in Bromsgrove, on the grounds of North East Worcestershire College. Worldwide, Harley-Davidson seeks to support its dealers in becoming and remaining industry leaders in motorcycling expertise and customer service by providing dealers with a range of headquarters-sponsored training programs and specialist facilities known as the 'Harley-Davidson University'.

Through partnership with Harley-Davidson, NEW College has become the base for the UK's only 'Harley-Davidson University' with the facility in Bromsgrove providing training for employees from authorised Harley-Davidson franchise dealerships from across Europe and beyond.

At this specialist site the University trains Harley-Davidson® technicians up to Master Technician’s level from 29 different countries, providing over 300 places for Techs from Iceland to South Africa, and from Russia to the UK. All Techs are assessed during training and have to pass each course.

Training courses include:

  • New Products
  • Electrical courses that cover Touring Electronics, Electronic Control Systems, Electrical Diagnostic and Advanced Electrical Diagnostic
  • Engine courses that cover VRSC V-Rod, Sportster and  Big Twin motors and transmissions and advanced engine diagnostics
  • Vehicle and chassis service courses

As well as tutor-led courses for young and experienced techs held at the School, numerous on-line courses are available as part of the authorised dealer technician programme. These usually consist of videos followed by an assessment, most of which are tailored to the experience of the technician.

How do you become a Master Technician?

Although there are courses designed for varying roles and levels within a dealer workshop, to achieve the level of Master Technician you have to complete a set number of specified courses and have worked within the H-D dealer network for a minimum period of five years – this ensures a Master Technician has the experience of a workshop environment such as the running of the workshop and the necessary inter-departmental communication skills required in a dealership.

If a technician leaves what happens to his qualifications?

If a tech leaves his position within a dealership he will only retain his tech status if he continues to work within official dealerships as that way, we know that they are keeping their specialist knowledge up to date with the new products we launch.

Once qualified, is that it for life?

No- All levels above STAFF expire after 12 months (24 months in the case of Technician level) unless refresher courses are taken to retain that status. Technical training courses are mandatory for new models. As a rule of thumb, 2-3 courses must be competed a year to make sure that the competencies and latest knowledge is kept sharp.

What are the different levels of technician who could work on my bike?

The first level of Technician recognition is STAFF level. In order to reach this level, you must have completed 6 designated PHD Video courses.

The next level is TECHNICIAN. In order to reach this level (which is only valid for a maximum of 2 years), you must complete the EXPERT level course, plus two four day, instructor led courses on:-

  • Electrical diagnosis
  • Vehicle Chassis and service
  • The online update course including being part of the technical forum
  • Warranty for technicians
  • Measuring what matters- Why, how and what difference measuring makes in diagnosis

You are in safe hands with all levels of our factory trained staff but there are a further two levels beyond EXPERT.

To become a MASTER technician you have to take Online, instructor-led or a combination assessments that combine all courses and material taken to achieve this level and below, plus

  • a four day instructor led course on Touring Electrical systems
  • a two day instructor led course on VRSC Powertrain

Lastly, for those who have worked at least five years in our workshop, the crème de la crème is the MASTER OF TECHNOLOGY who knows all of the above plus another 10 days of instructor led training

  • a four day instructor led course on advanced electrical diagnostics
  • a four day instructor led course on advanced engine diagnostics
  • a two day instructor led course on Trike