Increased Value

Your Motorcycle is worth more when you come to trade it in

Because we know that your Motorcycle has been looked after by staff we know, using replacement Genuine Motor parts of identical standard to the parts that the bike was made with, when it comes time for you to trade in and move onto a newer bike, you can expect us to pay you more for your Harley that has a factory approved service history with a Harley-Davidson dealer.

Why is that possible? Well, we have a high reputation to maintain with our customers, so although you may be ready to move on, your Harley may well be just the motorcycle another customer has been dreaming that one day, they will own. Just as fulfilling your dream is important, so it is for the next owner of your bike, so we spend inordinate amounts of money and time to make your old bike as special as it was to you, for the next owner.

If we have looked after the bike since it was new, we know the bike and we can be confident that the cost of refurbishing the bike back to a top standard will be lower with the chances of us finding a catastrophic problem much less than an unknown bike. Result = less money we have to set aside for refurbishment = more money we can give you as part exchange valuation. This can be anywhere up to £500 depending on the model and condition of your bike. We call that a Result!