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Complimentary pre-tour health check
Available Saturday mornings throughout August and September at Newmarket and Norwich Harley-Davidson.

Your Harley® was made for real rides, tours, adventures and setting the city behind you, riding from sunrise to sunset. Of course, many of you are already making the most of the boundless freedom and endurance from your ride and we're sure you've got many great memories.

Don't let small maintenance jobs and hidden issues turn into something bigger. We're offering a complimentary pre-tour health check which takes just 15 minutes, for all of our customers. If you're planning on taking any big rides this summer, we recommend it so you've got true peace of mind.
What checks are performed?
Engine Oil
engine oil
Level check
Absolutely critical for your engine to remain healthy.
Tyre depth
tyre depth
legal check
Ensure your tyres are ready to carry your bike, legally and safely.
Brake condition
brake condition
wear & health
No journey should be ridden without trust in your brakes.
Lights & Horn
Lights & Horn
Keep the roads ahead illuminated clearly and sound your presence.
Instruments check
operation check
Your rides info & read of the road must be delivered accurately.
Fault codes
Fault codes
read & reported
To avoid any nasty surprises in future from your bike.
Why bring your ride to us?
At our dealerships in Guildford, Newmarket, Norwich and Reading you'll be delighted to hear that all of our technicians have received industry-leading training from the Harley-Davidson® University before being let anywhere near your motorcycle. Once successfully completing initial training and passing various exams, our technicians are then required to keep up-to-date with training.

Each Lind Dealership has at least one Master Technician, so for those tricky and unexplainable issues, you can rest assured that the best in the business is taking good care of your pride and joy.