Harley-Davidson® Servicing at Lind in Guildford, Newmarket, Norwich & Reading.

Here at Lind we know that your Harley® isn't just a bike, it's your pride and joy! When you bring your motorcycle to us, you can rest assured that it's in the safest of hands for any servicing, customisation, warranty or repair work. Our aftersales team are up-to-date with the latest knowledge of Harley-Davidson® and all of our technicians regularly attend top-level training courses at the Harley-Davidson® university.

All of our workshops are state of the art, have been kitted out with the latest technology and carry all of the specialist manufacturer tools and diagnostic equipment. Naturally, we only use Genuine Harley-Davidson® Motor Parts and Oils.

Should you wish to book your motorcycle in for service, repair, customisation or any other work from our workshops, you can book-in online by selecting the link on the left of the page or call:

  • Guildford on 01483 207222
  • Newmarket on 01638 664455
  • Norwich on 01603 620222
  • Reading on 01183 344300

Why Choose Us?

At our dealerships in Guildford, Newmarket and Norwich, you'll be delighted to hear that all of our technicians have received industry leading training from the Harley-Davidson® University before being let anywhere near your motorcycle. Once successfully completing initial training and passing various exams, our technicians are then required to keep up-to-date with training. Each Lind Dealership has at least one Master Technician, so for those tricky and unexplainable issues, you can rest assured that the best in the business is taking good care of your pride and joy.

Why bring your bike to us?

  1. Our staff are factory trained. Your bike may look authentically old but underneath the skin it’s crammed with technology.

  2. They come to Harley-Davidson’s  £4 million purpose built University training facility to keep their skills up to date

  3. We have the latest computer based diagnostic tools to save you time and money

  4. We have invested in over £20,000 of H-D specified special tools to make sure your bike is not damaged and the work is done efficiently

  5. Our staff have direct access to Harley-Davidson Motor Company engineers and the Factory who created your bike

  6. Your Motorcycle is usually worth more when you come to trade it in

  7. We only use factory approved and tested Genuine Motor Parts keeping your Harley 100% the real deal

  8. Your motorcycle is automatically checked to see if the Motor Company has issued any product improvements or safety recalls on your bike

  9. A current model year Harley® as a service loan bike

  10. The opportunity to discover more about the Harley-Davidson® range and see the latest accessories and MotorClothes®

  11. Free customer WiFi & Coffee


Our staff are factory trained. Your bike may look authentic but underneath the skin it’s crammed with technology.

Harley-Davidson® make a skill out of making each motorcycle a tribute to the 110+ year heritage of the oldest Motorcycle Company in the world. We deliberately do not make visible changes for changes sake as we don’t want to devalue older models reducing the value for the owner and losing them money in depreciation. The residual value of our motorcycles is legendary and you can be assured of a high value part exchange when the time comes.

Don’t be fooled by appearances however! Just because our motorcycles have heritage doesn’t mean that they don’t have state of the art technology as well.

Many of our bikes feature Keyless go like some of the more expensive car brands. As you walk up to your bike, the fob and the computer that controls the bike are talking to each other. When you get within 8 feet or so, the key fob and the bike have recognized you, switched off the built in movement alarm and disabled the immobilizer, allowing you to flick the on switch, fire up that V-twin and ride!

Almost all of our bikes now have Anti-Lock Braking systems (ABS) as standard but you won’t see any evidence of this with decals or obvious markings. The ABS system has been designed to be effective but hidden away so the beauty of the bike can be seen without distraction.

Many of our bikes have four computers on them. The old days of having to adjust the carburetor mixture if you wanted to go across the Alps is long gone!

Some of our bikes have slipper clutches…technology straight off the race circuits to make sure you don’t lock your back wheel if you go down too many gears for the road speed.

Some of our bikes have no throttle cable- your movement of your right hand is transmitted by electronic signal to the main computer and more or less power is delivered. That’s Star Trek stuff!

Some of our bikes have got CAN bus (Controller Area Network) wiring. This allows all the computers to communicate with each other efficiently. This is cutting edge stuff!

When you stop at a traffic light and want  to turn right, your bike knows that you are stopped at the traffic light, it knows when you pull away and 50 metres after you have turned, it knows to cancel the indicator- how cool is that!

All of this technology is there for one thing only….to make riding your Harley the best experience it could be.

We need our staff to be the best also. Informed and trained with all the up to date knowledge so that whatever concerns you might have, they can be dealt with speedily so you can get back on the road, mashing the miles.

Time equals money and unlike money which can be replaced, time cant. So, yes, some aftermarket service shops may quote a cheaper price per hour, but we believe in the saying “you get what you pay for”. If we can solve any problem faster, you will end up paying less in the end over the person who has to “figure it out” by trial and error as they go.

Our staff are continually being trained. A ten year old Harley-Davidson Fatboy® may resemble a new one, but it’s had a complete new chassis, fuel injection, two engine changes , a different gearbox, 200mm wide tyre, ABS, CAN bus wiring and a whole host of other detail changes.

Free Investigations for any product improvements or safety recalls

Free investigation if the motor company has issued any product improvements or safety recalls on your bike.

As materials and ways of doing thing evolve, don’t think that you are getting left behind with your motorcycle. If we find a better solution we may issue a product improvement campaign. There’s nothing wrong with your bike, just that we have an improvement which can often be more reliable or more efficient.

We make every Harley-Davidson by hand and despite all the hours of prototyping, testing, iteration and development, sometimes the part doesn’t work how we expect. If this becomes a concern for your safety, The Motor Company will issue a global recall of your Motorcycle and write to you if your bike is one of those we believe is affected.

If it’s a faulty batch of components that has slipped through our quality control, the numbers of motorcycles may be as small as 50 globally, but thanks to the records that we have of what items were used to build your bike, we can track any defective parts. 

Once you have received a notification from Harley-Davidson, please contact us to schedule a time that suits you when we can inspect and change the defective part. This work will be done free of charge.

Even if you don’t let us know, we will automatically check your bike when we have it in for service so that you know it’s all up to date.


We Know

No searching of forums, no talking to a friend who knows someone who knew something about the issue…. costing you time……our technicians have direct access to Harley-Davidson.  The Motor Company staff and our technicians get to hear about and share fixes to problems often before any customer realizes that there is a problem. Our knowledge is your power. They input into a global network that gives the factory early warning if a new fault is just being seen in the workshops. In return, they get direct support from the Engineers who designed and built everything from the first prototype- so our technicians don’t have to guess- they know what the issue is and how to fix it.

Taking care of #1…that’s you!

We don’t expect you to be a factory trained technician- leave that to us! If you know that your tyres need changing, we will do that but whilst we have your bike, we will also check all the other critical components that you might not have noticed, so that we can take care of you…and your bike. Your enjoyment and safety is our paramount concern.

Adding Value

Our technicians are Harley enthusiasts too, so if whilst taking that wheel off to change the tyre, they notice that you don’t have a belt guard accessory that would look cool, please expect a call from us to ask you if you would like us to fit one whilst we have the bike on the ramp. Sometimes we can fit such items for free for you as well!

Our staff has direct access to harley-davidson motor company engineers and the factory back in the us.

We have direct access to the Motor Company Engineers. As the number of advanced and processor instructed systems grow,  our advanced diagnostic skills are supported by the people who designed and made your motorcycle.

Diagnostic Tools

We have the latest computer based diagnostic tools to save you time and money

When a technician starts to work on a V-Rod, the first thing he will do is reach under the speedometer and press the button on the bottom. The LCD display will change and show him any fault codes the bike has logged. From the fault code, he knows immediately where to start to fix the problem.

Speed of Diagnosis means less cost for you when you come to pay the bill.

When we get your bike on the service bench, most likely the next specialist tool we will use is the Harley-Davidson Digital-Technician 2 computer. This portable robust computer plugs into your bike giving immediate access to data from all of the onboard sensors, fault codes (both current and historic)  and the opportunity to change a number of vehicle settings. Examples are:-

  1. Setting your code to allow you to switch off the alarm/immobilizer if you are going on a ferrySetting your code to allow you to switch off the alarm/immobilizer if you are going on a ferry
  2. Programming a new fob
  3. Diagnosis of any fault codes
  4. Testing individual circuit functions
  5. Reflashing control modules with the very latest software updates